Recycling storylines

January 27, 2011 at 1:29 am Leave a comment

Recycling waste materials is good.

Recycling storylines is not.

Are television shows recycling storylines more than normal? This thought occured to me while I was watching Monday night’s new episode of 90210. In this week’s episode, Mr. Canon holds Naomi hostage. This is about the time I began to have deja vu. Does anyone remember One Tree Hill’s Psycho Derek storyline?  – – -> Crazy dude (Mr.Canon/Psycho Derek) attacks and holds girl (Naomi/Peyton) hostage. Said girl’s best friend (Silver/Brooke) comes over and also gets tied up by the crazy. And again, after a few plot fillers, the two girls take down crazy dude. 

Deja vu, anyone?Peyton and Brooke held hostage

My point is that there are few shows that come up with original ideas, and if you think about it, those are the shows that tend to succeed. Now, this might seem obvious to us viewers, but if it was so obvious, then why do storylines continue to be recycled? The example I gave above is a very specific recycled storyline, which is why it seemed to stick out more than usual. There are countless overused storylines that almost every show has done at some point in time. But the question is: Do overused story lines even exist? Because every story has been written about once, it’s just the way it’s gone about. When viewers of specific genres (drama, comedy, etc) often expect the familiar, cliché becomes a form of shorthand. Using tools familiar to the viewer keeps unambitious viewers in their comfort zone.

What do you think?


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